July 2015 Newsletter
What’s New in Sage 100 ERP Version 2015?

Below is an expanded list of new features in the most recent Sage 100 ERP version 2015, which was released April 7. Please contact our office to schedule your upgrade. Keep in mind that version 4.5 no longer receives product or yearend updates. If you are currently on version 4.5, you will need to upgrade prior to 2015 yearend in order to receive the Yearend and Tax Table updates. 

Library Master/Paperless Office

- Company Preferences “Enable Company Specific Color” to include borders and frames.

- Added a new User Preference to default to the current module when switching companies.

- Updated Amyuni driver for Paperless Office.

- Journals/Registers will now default the Print Full Comments checkbox to the last value used.

- All reports now allow direct access to the associated Paperless Office Viewer by using the Save drop down menu.

- Added printing tasks for approx. 17 reports previously not available in Paperless Office.

- Performance improvements for printing checks and extended stubs to PDF through Paperless Office.

General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation

- Added ability to sort columns in Bank Rec entries using Excel as the model.

- The GL Detail Report now prints Out of Balance when the Total Debits are not equal to Total Credits.

- Added a button in Account Maintenance on the Transactions tab to reverse a journal by creating the entries in General Journal Entry. 

- When entering an unformatted GL Account Number in report selections, the value will automatically be formatted just like Account Maintenance.

- New sample bank format for the Positive Pay Export Wizard.

- Update the remit to name to Bank Rec (when ‘Print Remit To Information” is selected in check printing) instead of the Vendor Name. This is required for positive pay export.

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Credit Card Processing

- Expanded the Vendor Name field to 50 characters.

- Added Level 3 credit cards processing for reduced fees.

- When creating a *PRNT* check, the print button will still be accessible even after the check is initially printed the check number is written to the table, allowing the check to be reprinted.

- Salesperson Commission Report now has a Pay Date as one of the selections.

- Column sorting has been added to a number of selection screens including Invoice Payment Selection and Manual Check and Payment Entry in AP and Cash Receipts Entry in AR.

Sales Order, Purchase Order, and RMA

- Added Purchase Order History (similar to Sales Order/Quote History).

- Added the ability to “copy from” when creating a new purchase order.

- Added a new PO Option on the Generate tab that allows the user to select to either sort by Item Code or Sales Order Line No. when creating a new PO through generation.

- Added the Batch Number to “This order is currently being...” in Purchase Order and Sales Order dialogs.

- Added new columns to grid for allocated freights or landed cost, and sales tax to PO Receipt History Inquiry.

- A fix button has been added to Sales Order Entry to reauthorize a credit card for payment when the first expiration has expired due to an unexpected delay. This will process a second pre-authorization.

- A warning will now be displayed when leaving the Item Packaging Maintenance dialog in Shipping Data Entry if the quantity shipped doesn’t match the quantity packed.

- Ship Via has been added to Customer Ship To Address screen.

Inventory and Bill of Materials

- Added a new field in Item Maintenance Transactions tab to drill into the GL Source Journal. 

- Added Copy From for Product Line.

- Added new Module Options to allow access to each Inventory Transaction Entry type. 

- In Item Maintenance, added the ability to launch Bill of Material. 

- Last Physical Count Date will now update by Item and Warehouse with both fields viewable in Item Maintenance/Inquiry.

- Added Sort and Selection by Item to the IM Item Audit Report.

- Copy Item in Item Maintenance now allows user to exclude Item Vendors and Alias Items.

- Added separate Role Maintenance security for Item Vendors Maintenance accessed through Item Maintenance.


- Enhancement to support Affordable Care Act (ACA) including a Crystal Report (ALE report) using Perpetual History to help determine if they are a large employer who is required to report in 2016.

- Two ways to access ACA Employee Maintenance from within Payroll; ACA button in Employee Maintenance and ACA folder on the Main Payroll Menu.

- In ACA Employee Maintenance, a copy button has been provided to copy the information entered on a line to all subsequent lines beneath that line to simplify data entry of all the insurance coverage information for each employee.

Please refer to the Sage 100 Requirements on our website for the hardware requirements for this version.