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Manage your resources.

JobOps, a graphical-based job operations and production system, is designed for organizations that need to track real-time labor, materials, purchases and other costs, while monitoring the status of each job throughout the production process. JobOps combines the features of job costing, bill of materials and manufacturing systems into one powerful, cohesive module to help companies effectively manage resources and monitor expenses.

JobOps tracks most aspects of a job in a real-time environment from estimate to invoice. A work ticket is launched from within the sales order, providing a single place in which components, labor, and outside services are encapsulated, helping to eliminate the need to enter data multiple times. Purchase orders from components or subcontractors can be launched from within a work ticket. Dynamic real-time tracking of labor and parts used means users can have immediate access to the job's production status, profitability and more.

Seamless integration with the award-winning Sage 100 Standard accounting and manufacturing software means operations and financial information can be readily available from a single source.

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