Professional Software Newsletter December 2012 Newsletter
Electronic W-2 and 1099 Filing
If you will be filing 250 or more federal W-2 or 1099 forms, you are required to file electronically. Please note: This means the actual number of W-2 forms, not the number of active employees. The State of Kansas requires employers who are filing 51 or more W-2 forms to file electronically. All filers are required to have an assigned User ID (PIN) and password. This User ID is valid indefinitely, but your password must be changed yearly. Keep in mind the User ID is assigned to a specific person and if that person is no longer employed by your company or is no longer responsible for electronically filing, then the individual who will be doing the filing must get their own User ID. The SSA website is and the phone number is 800-772-6270.

1099 Electronic Filing is done at the IRS site at FIRE – Filing Information Returns Electronically. New users are required to submit Form 4419, Application for Filing Returns with the IRS Electronically, to request authorization to file Information Returns with the IRS. This form should be submitted to the IRS at least 30 days before the due date of the returns for the current processing year. You will receive a TCC (Transmitter Control Code) once your application is processed. You will also need to create a FIRE account at the IRS site.

To file electronically with the State of Kansas you must have a user logon and password. Information and registration can be found at in the Business Tax Section. Along with the electronic filing requirement for employers with 51 or more W-2s, the State of Kansas also requires that the KW-3 withholding reconciliation form be submitted online at this same site. Since the State of Kansas accepts the Federal EFW2 format, we recommend that those employers affected by the filing requirement change purchase the Sage100 Electronic Reporting module. This module creates a W-2 report file that meets both Federal and State of Kansas filing requirements.

There are changes to the 2012 Electronic Filing formats for both W-2s and for 1099s, so there will be a Sage 2012 Year-End Interim Release Download for both of these programs which should be available online the week of Dec. 17th.

The filing deadline for 2012 Electronic Filing for W2 forms and 1099 forms is March 31, 2013. Note: this filing deadline is different than the filing deadline for paper returns, which is February 28, 2013.